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To Donate, please send a check to: CSAW, PO Box 3217, Boulder, CO 80304

To volunteer, please send an email to: csawhelpline@yahoo.com


Welcome to CSAW, the Community of Sudanese and American Women (CSAW). Our Boulder, Colorado-based organization is a non-denominational, non-profit group dedicated to uniting Sudanese and American women and men. Our goal is to help Sudanese refugees achieve their dreams of security, peace, health, friendship, empowerment, and education here in the US. CSAW offers a full range of support services to this end through community partnerships and resources. Working with the Sudanese gives American volunteers a unique opportunity to help make a difference.


As of 2008, CSAW has helped support the resettlement of 18 women in Boulder with the hope and expectation that more young refugees will arrive in the near future. The needs of a refugee who is new to this country are great, and so volunteers can help in several ways. As a volunteer, you will make new and wonderful friendships with a group of truly remarkable women. American volunteers have said, time and again, that they receive as much as they give, and that learning about the Sudanese culture, one steeped in rich traditions, is a magical experience.